boAt Rockerz 335 vs Oneplus Bullets wireless Z bass edition: Comparision and Features-

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Earphones- A travel partner/ a soul soother.

Earphones or headphones are now part of our buying list. But, when it comes to earphones there are multiple brands. Quite a confusion to choose the best one for you.

So, here we are to help you out, to choose the best earphone/ headphone brand for you. boAt and Oneplus both are in headlines nowadays, and why not be? In a minimal time, both have gained eye-catching fame. 

both are giving neck-to-neck competition, and thus, we have got you the comparison between the two best wireless earphones:

boAt RockerZ 335 vs Oneplus Bullets wireless Z bass edition.

Let’s help you out to choose one for you.


boAt Rockerz 335 vs Oneplus Bullets wireless Z bass edition: Comparision and Features-
boAt Rockerz 335 vs Oneplus Bullets wireless Z bass edition: Comparision and Features-





boAt RockerZ 335

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition

Color Options

Red, Yellow, Blue, Light Blue

Balck, Blue, Mint, Oat

Product Weight

30 gm

28 gm

Charging Type



Battery Life

Up to 30 hours

Up to 20 hours


​45 cm * 1 cm * 2cm

37.49 cm * 10.99 cm * 2.49 cm

Driver Size

10 mm

9.2 mm

Driver Type




Qualcom aptX


Bluetooth version



Bluetooth range

10 m

10 m

Noise cancelation

CVC 8.0

Not available

Add on Features

Dual Pairing

ASAP fast charging

ASAP fast Charging

Wrap Charge technology

Special battery Feature

10 minute charging - 6 hours playtime

10 minute charging - 10 hours playtime

Compatible devices

Android, iOS, Windows

Android, iOS, Windows

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What you need to know about boAt RockerZ 335:

boAt RockerZ 335

boAt RockerZ 335 vs oneplus bullets wireless z

Key features-

  • Complete charging time: 45 minutes
  • Battery life: 30 hours
  • ASAP fast charging
  • Dual pairing
  • Noise cancellation features.

boAt RockerZ 335 is a newly added name in the success list of boAt. A wireless neckband under 2000. It is a sporty wireless earphone with 10 hours of playtime in 10 hours of charging. Have a full playtime time of 30 hours. And many more awe-inspiring features.


  • One of the most significant battery life Bluetooth wireless neckband in boAt till now( with 28 hours)
  • It supports Qualcomm aptX audio technology
  • Qualcomm CVC 8.0
  • ASAP(as soon as possible) charging ( 10 minutes charging last for 6 hours)
  • Sweat and water-resistant
  • Dual pairing


  • Not a quality build and material
  • The loudness leads to the precession of sound, which is unpleasant to the ears.
  • Vocals in music are not clear. Instead, they are boomy
  • No call/ notification vibration feature.
  • What you need to know about

What you need to know about Oneplus Bullets wireless Z bass edition:

Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition

boAt RockerZ 335 vs oneplus bullets wireless z

Key features-

  • Wrap charge technology
  • ASAP fast charging
  • 20 hours battery life
  • Multiple color options.

The Oneplus Bullets wireless Z is the third pair of wireless earphones of Oneplus. Or you can say the third generation of its type after Oneplus Bullets wireless Z. These are some of the cheapest wireless earphones of oneplus till now. Let’s see what more is hidden in the golden box.


  • Quite lightweight
  • Comfortable for long periods
  • better quality build material
  • Great battery life


  • Lack of noise cancellation feature.
  • Plastic drivers are cheap.

boAt RockerZ 355 Vs Oneplus bullets wireless Z.

Design and Build Quality:

BoAt RockerZ 335: 

 The neckband is made with a mixture of silicon rubber and metal, making it extra lightweight and low priced. The earbuds are circular with wire and plastic content.

The most feared part of getting damaged is the joint of modules, which is quite strong in boAt rocker 335. 

 The LED indicator lights, charging port, and control are at the neckband side, with no characteristic of play/pause/connects or disconnect.

In the meantime, when the neckband is not in use, the magnetic earbuds attach each other, which makes it tangle-free.

Oneplus Bullets wireless Z: 

 The design of Oneplus Bullets wireless Z is almost identical to its ancestor – Onepls Bullets wireless 2. The slight difference is the design of the earbud. Oneplus Bullets wireless Z has metal construction in earbuds, while the previous ones were made of plastic.

The Oneplus Bullets wireless Z is a bit lightweight due to the red rings from the back of the earbuds. The Oneplus Bullets wireless Z got an IPX5 rating which indicates they are sweat and water-resistant and can be used while exercising or underwater.

Control and Buttons:

BoAt RockerZ 335:  

  • Before using boAt RockerZ 335, you must know the controlling functions of the piece.
  • Single Tap: To play/ pause
  • Single Tap on power button: Reject or Receive call
  • Particular control for volume up and down 
  • Long press +( volume up): To skip tracks
  • Long Press – (Volume down): To previous track
  • Long press power button: To access voice assistant/ Siri
  • Press +/- for five seconds: To reset the boAt RockerZ 335 wireless neckbands.

Oneplus Bullets wireless Z: 

  • Here are few tips to control the Oneplus Bullets wireless Z.
  • For quick switch between devices: Press and hold the switch button
  • Skip track: Double click the volume + button.
  • Previous track: Double press the volume – button
  • Long press multifunction button: To activate voice assistant/ Siri.

Sound Quality:

BoAt RockerZ 335:  

The focused criteria to judge an earphone are their sound quality, which is quite good with boAt RockerZ 335. The boAt RockerZ 335 has dynamic 10mm drivers.

The bass of the earphone is quite loud. If overall counted, it’s an earphone with just ok sound quality.

While calling, the earphone has a CVC noise cancellation feature, making the call better and more precise. It almost clears the 70 to 80 % background noise.

Oneplus Bullets wireless Z: 

The Sound quality of Oneplus Bullets wireless Z is next to perfect. All the lows, mids, and highs are equally balanced. Even at its maximum volume, the sound is crystal clear. The earphone is equipped with 9.2 mm dynamic drivers. The bass is quite ok.

With that, the call quality is clear, expect the lack of a noise cancellation feature. The silicone ear tips are a perfect fit for every ear size.

Connectivity and Functionality:

BoAt RockerZ 335:  

The boAt RockerZ 335 has a Bluetooth version v5.0, with a connectivity range of 10 m. It has a dual pairing mode. You must check how it works.

Connect the first device and then turn the machine off.

Now, connect the neckband with the second device.

After the completion of pairing with the second device, turn the first device. The earphone will auto pair with it. And continue working in dual mode.

Oneplus Bullets wireless Z: 

The Oneplus Bullets wireless Z has the latest updated Bluetooth version v5.0 with a QCC3024 chipset, making it easier to connect. The connectivity range of the Bluetooth is 10m.

For connecting, detach them to the available device. It will automatically turn on and search Oneplus earphones in the Bluetooth section.

For reconnecting, While the Bluetooth is on, detach the earbuds. It will auto-connect.

It has a quick switch feature, where switching between two devices is possible.

Battery Life:

BoAt RockerZ 335:  

The battery capacity of the boAt-rockers 355 is 150 mAh with a single charge lasting 30 hours. This neckband is a store with a tremendous amount of battery. It has an intelligent C-type charging port, where 10-minute charging can long last to 6 hours.

The battery takes 45 minutes to get fully charged, and once set, it can be used for much longer durations than you expect.

Oneplus Bullets wireless Z: 

The Oneplus Bullets wireless Z claims to have 20 hours long-lasting battery, with ASAP charging technology, where 10 minutes of charging gives a 10 hour playback time.

Both the features indicate the solid battery life of oneplus Bullets wireless Z.

As per the company’s claims, the Oneplus Bullets wireless Z has a long-lasting battery of 20 hours, authentic as hell.

The Bluetooth has a USB port for charging, where the earphone takes 60 minutes to be fully charged.

Conclusion: Which One is the best?

The decision of what to choose depends on you. What you want and what you were looking for.

But, here we are with our little guidance to make it easier for you.

If compared, then Oneplus bullets wireless Z is a better option than boAt RockerZ 335. The build quality and design of Oneplus bullets wireless Z are pretty excellent and classy, extremely lightweight.

But, if the only thing that matters to you is bass, then boAt RockerZ 355 is the option for you, as Oneplus lacks one.

But, if you are not into the bass, then go for Oneplus bullets wireless Z.

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