boat Rockerz 255 pro Vs Realme buds wireless Comparison & Review

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In the last few years, the shopping trends have taken a profound change from retail shopping to online shopping and from trending fashion lookouts to the electronic market. here’s the between boat Rockerz 255 pro Vs Realme buds wireless.

Earlier where people use to frighten by the thought of purchasing electronic products online. In contrast to that today, the online mode has become the primary mode of electronic shopping.


boat Rockerz 255 pro Vs Realme buds wireless Comparison & Review
boat Rockerz 255 pro Vs Realme buds wireless Comparison & Review




Model Name

boAt Rockerz 255 Pro (Teal green)

Realme Buds Wireless in-Ear Bluetooth With Mic

Item Weight

27.2 g

31.8 g

Compatible Devices

All Bluetooth Devices​

All Bluetooth Devices​

Included Components

1 Bluetooth Earphone, USB Charging Cable, User Manual

1pc. buds wireless ,USB charging cable, User guide,

Battery Average Life

Up to 6 hours

Up to 12 hours

Battery Capacity






Connector Type



IPX Rating



Warranty Summary

1 Year Replacement Warranty

1 Year Warranty

Check Price Buttion

This is 21st digital century, so without any doubt, electronic gadgets are used in maximum number. And in that list, the top priority is earphones.
For me, music is the best partner. It can heal every wound and pleasantly soothing to the ear.

Just plug the earphones and play the music.
With the value and use, the brands and manufacturers have also increased.

There are multiple brands of earphones. Among which the zenith is boat and Realme.
In this article, Two top earphones of boat and Realme have stolen the limelight. And those limelight stealers are boat Rockerz 255 pro and Realme buds wireless.
These are most popular among people because of their impressive quality and affordable price. These are the best sellers in the electronic market.
No more stretching. Let’s get straight towards today’s right fit for you.

But, before we start. Let me show you what we are going to serve you on today’s plate’-

  • In-depth description.
  • Key features.
  • Pros and Cons.
  • Comparison.
  • Reviews.
  • Conclusion.

Boat Rockerz 225 Pro

boat rockerz 255 pro vs Realme buds wireless

Key features-

  • Bluetooth Version – V5.0
  • Battery life– 6 hours.
  • Battery capacity – 110mAh
  • Driver– 10mm Dynamic Drivers.
  • IPX Rating– IPX5
  • Colour variations– Raging Red, Teal Green, Blazing Yellow, Navy Blue
  • CVC technology.
  • Super Punchy bass
  • weight– 26g.
  • dimnesions– 35 * 2 * 2.5 cm.

Indin lifestyle brand boAt had recently launched a new set of neckband wireless earphones- BoAt Rockerz 225 Pro. The new boAt Rockerz 225 pro has a premium look with metallic shell material. It comprises this neckband shape design.

BoAt Rockerz 225 pro has a dynamic look with a cheerful range of colors, including classy red, teal green, Navy Blue, and shiny yellow. With the design, the BoAt Rockerz 225 pro skills in qualities too.

It has an inline remote control for navigating and commands. The volume adjustment, track change, instant assistant, and stereo calls are accessible through this wireless neckband. It has a Qualcomm chipset for deep boosted audio.

The best part about this earset the audio quality remains equally crisp and clear even at a higher volume. It consists of a remarkable noise cancellation feature. This BoAt Rockerz 225 pro has achieved continuous six hours of playback time with a 110mAh battery.

Not to worry about your gameplay, as this is a sweat-resistant stereotype, which cares for every drip of your sweat.

Now, enjoy your exercise + music mode.


  • Quality HD Sound.
  • Deep boosted audio.
  • CVC noise cancellation.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Magnetic earbuds
  • Fast charging(1 hour)
  • Dual connectivity(at a single time)


  • There’s audio lagging during gaming.
  • Noise cancellation is not up to mark during the call.

Realme Buds Wireless

realme buds wireless vs boat rockerz 255 pro

Key features-

  • Bluetooth Version – V5.0
  • Battery life- 12 hours.
  • Battery capacity – 110mAh
  • Driver- 11.2mm Dynamic Drivers.
  • IPX Rating- IPX4
  • Colour variations- Green, Orange, yellow.
  • MFG (Magnetic fast pairing) technology.
  • Daikoku Technology Tuned by Alan Walker
  • weighs- 30g.
  • dimensions- 35.5 * 11 * 0.5 cm.

Also known as “The Alan walker” earbud.It’s quite a tricky sum to solve when it comes to earphones. But, with the invention of Realme bud wireless, the sum had been solved too.Now, every single penny will worth it with Realme buds wireless.With the Realme bud wireless set, you will get-

  • A micro USB cable.
  • Two extra sets of ear tips.
  • A Guiding manual.

Starting the detailed description-
Realme buds wireless have a silica metal body with a flexible and highly durable cable. It is a viable and comfortable neckband with MFP(Magnetic fast pair technology). As soon as you remove the earbud from your ears, the buds clip up together because of the magnetic control, preventing getting damaged and tangling.

It is present in three cool summery shades of Orange, yellow and green.
What’s your favorite color? It has an inherited remote control with dynamic bass technology. You might have noticed, I have mentioned “The alan walker” earbuds. You wonder, Why?

This is because these Realme wireless buds are tuned with perfection by Alan walker’s voice quality.
The battery life of this bubbly piece is 12 hours.
Realme cares about your concerns.
Thus, these Realme wireless earbuds ensure protection from sweat and dust.  Now, play your heart out with these wireless earbuds.


  • Ergonomic and classy design.
  • Magnetic earbuds.
  • Functional in-built remote.
  • Long-hour battery life.
  • Flashy colors.
  • Solid metal body


  • All color options are quite flashy, not a single option in plain colors.
  • Lack of USB port.
  • Average bass.

boAt Rockerz 255 pro vs Realme buds wireless-
You would have read every single detail about both hot products. Is your situation a bit dicey? Well, don’t. If you ask in simple words, then if you are more of flashy color with a regular bass lover and focus more towards the long hour battery and quite a comfortable sound quality and wearing, I would suggest you get a Realme bud wireless for you.

And if you are a partyhoilc, punchy music lover, or dancer who uses earphones for the small- small duration, then you must prefer boAt rockerz 225 pro. And don’t worry about the price as both these pieces are available at a very reasonable and genuine price at Amazon. You can buy any of them.

boAt Rockerz 255 pro Vs Realme buds wireless – comparison table


Both above-given earphones are worth buying at an affordable price. The main focal point of both boat rockerz 225 pros and Realme wireless buds is sound quality. If you are looking for fantastic battery performance, then go for Realme Wireless buds. And if you are more focused on punchy bass, then go with BoAt rockerz 225 pro. Buy any of them at the drop of a hat.

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