Difference Between JBL party box 100 or 300? Review and Comparison.

Musicstuff is all about music. Talking about music and not mentioning the speaker would be quite unfair.
And in the world of speakers, JBL is not an unknown name.

The success story of JBL-

JBL is an American-based company for loudspeakers and electronics. The first product of JBL was a D101 15-inch speaker and D175 high-frequency driver. Carrying two-century fame, JBL launches their new products now and then.

And this series of launching, music lovers and Catholics has the best chance to get the best speakers for them.

Today in Thai article, we’ve got you the battle between two best out of best speakers. The wait is over now.

We’ve got you the article on JBL party box 100 Vs. 300. Two most famed speakers at one place. You’re not going to get this chance again.
Therefore, keep reading and get to know which one is best for you.
There are various points why JBL party box 100 and 300. Why not start with the opening the box ceremony.
Let’s open the box of hidden surprises.

What’s In The Box Of JBL Party Box 100?

  • A single JBL party speaker 100.
  • A guide booklet for a quick start.
  • A warranty card.
  • A safety sheet.
  • An AC power cord.
JBL partybox 100 vs 300
JBL Partybox 100

What are you going to get in the box of JBL party box 300?

  • A mono JBL party speaker 300.
  • A quick start guide manual.
  • A warranty card.
  • A safety sheet.
  • An AC power cord.
  • A 12 volt DC cable.

2. How heavy or lightweight the speakers are?

One of the most focused points of speakers is the weight. While you will be able to shift the speaker alone by yourself? Or is the speaker easily shiftable? The JBL party box 100 has a lighter and smaller weight in size than the JBL party box 300 or any other JBL speakers.

JBL party box 100- it weighs 9.70kg and has a smaller dimension, Which is why it is easily shiftable by a single person.

  •  Dimensions- 290 mm× 288 mm× 551 mm.

JBL partybox 300– 15.84 kg speaker. This speaker will need a bit of effort in shifting. But not a very heavy piece. Large in size but comfortable.

  •  Dimensions- 310 mm× 320 mm× 690 mm

3. Drivers-

Drivers play a significant role in the quality of sound and bass. Here is the detail of the drivers included in each of these wireless speakers. Check em’ below.

JBL party box 100-  It has two 5’25” woofers and two 2’25” tweeters.


JBL party box 300 have-  It has two 5’25” woofers and three 2.25″ tweeters.

4. Output power-

The output power of the JBL speaker varies according to the size and dimensions.  The output power of JBL party box 100 is 160 watts. While for JBL party box 300, it is 240 watts.

5. Frequency Response.

What is the frequency response of both these flawless JBL party box 100 Vs 300?

The JBL party box 300 has a comprehensive and treble frequency range, while in JBL party box 100, it is relatively low.

  •  JBL partybox 100 range- 45Hz to 18 Hz.
  •  JBL partybox 300 range- 45Hz to 20 Hz.

6. Bass boosters-

Bass is a must to be needed quality for party speakers. And without a doubt, JBL party box speakers are party killers.

Let’s see what their bass quality is?

Are they able to match the expectations of the audience? Are they able to give every single beat, High and low?

Yes, both JBL party box 100 and 300 comes up with fantastic bass boost features, which means both are party-perfect options.

7. Wireless stereo quality?

Both of the products fully support wireless stereo and are easily connectable to any device via Bluetooth pairing.  Pair your heart now.

8. Input/ wired connections-

Do these speakers support wired connections?

Can Pendrive be inserted in these JBL Speakers? And God knows how many more questions might be revolving in your mind.

 Hold on, hold one. We are moving towards it.

 Both JBL party box 100 and 300 support Mic/ guitar cords, USB cord and Aux- I cord.

While the only difference is JBL party box 300 comes up with RCA L/R input, while JBL party box 100 do not have this feature.

Let’s check which one includes what features-

JBL party box 100-

  • 3.5mm Aux cord.
  • Mic/ guitar cord with volume control.
  • USB port.

JBL party box 300-

  • 3.5mm Aux cord.
  • Mic/ come cord with volume control.
  • USB port.
  • RCA L/R
JBL partybox 100 vs 300
JBL partybox 300

9. Output Volume:

  •  JBL party box 100- 100 Aux output.
  •  JBL party box 300- RCA L/R.

10. Light Reflection-

 Party is dull without colorful disco lights and unique, vibrant colors. Thus, to give you the entire party feel. Both JBL party box 100 and 300 have a light mode feature that will create variant colorful lighting effects.

 All in all, a mesmerizing party view.

11. Battery durability-

 Suppose you are having a party and all of a sudden your speaker dies. Your anger will be on the seventh sky. Well, not with these two JBL speakers.

 Both JBL party box 300 and 100 have a specific battery life.

 JBL party box 100- it gives a battery life of upto 12 hours.

 JBL party box 300- it has a battery life of upto 18 hours.

 Now, you can enjoy your party time without worrying about the battery backup.

12. Charging time-

 To maintain the positive battery response, it’s necessary to charge the speakers. And to have a better quality of charging, you need to charge the speakers for a specific time.

  • JBL PartyBox 100- 6.5 hours.
  • JBL PartyBox 300- 5 hours.

13. Warranty card-

 Both JBL party box 100 and 300 speakers come up with a warranty of 1 year. You can change if it comes up with any technical issue or disorder.

 We’ve mentioned all the qualities and features that a speaker should have. Now let’s sum up everything in short.

14. Karaoke mode- 

 Karaoke has always been my favourite part. And if you are a die-hard music fan or singer, then karaoke must be your favourite part too.

 And this is a plus point of this JBL speaker 300. You can use this to make your day and mood unique and light.

Brief of JBL party box 100-

Key features-

  • Sleek design.
  • Light-weighted compared to every other JBL party box speaker.
  • Smaller in size.
  • The output power of 160 watts.
  • 2- 5’25” woofer and 2- 5’25” tweeters.
  • 45Hz to 18 Hz frequency response.
  • Wireless and wired stereo.
  • USB port, AUx port, and Mic/guitar input.
  • 12-hour battery life
  • Lighter in weight.
  • Bass booster.
  • Take more time to charge compared to JBL party box 300.

 Brief about JBL party box 300-

Key features-

  • Premium look.
  • Weighs 15.84 kg.
  • The output power of 240 watts.
  • 2- 5’25” woofer and 3 – 2’25” tweeters.
  • Wireless and wired stereo.
  • 45 Hz to 20Hz frequency response.
  • RCA L/R input.
  • 18-hour battery life.
  • Two-level Bass booster.
  • Light effects.
  • Karaoke and live music.
  • Solid connectivity for wired and wireless connectivity.
  • Heavy, massive and expensive speaker.
  • No audio cables for audio connection.
  • Mic input is not XLR.

 Final Verdict- 

 We’ve given the whole description of both JBL Partybox 100 vs 300. And give you all the quality, cons and pros of both pieces. Now you can choose the best option for you.

 Hope this article has given you the right idea of which speaker you are going to buy.

 Read brilliant, buy smart with Musicstuff

But, let me tell you, both of these JBL party box 100 and 300 are not going to let you down. Buy a cutting-edge product with us.

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